Rose     Rose Garden Hospice <title><meta name="rose garden hospice" content="The Rose Garden Hospice a not for profit organization that is committed to providing compassionate, holistic care to people with a terminal illness and their loved ones.  The Rose Garden Hospice is a dedicated team of caring volunteers and committed staff.  The hospice will address the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of people approaching death and provide support to family and close friends.  It will offer expert pain and symptom management so that physical suffering is relieved.   There will be ten self-contained ?guest? rooms and two self-contained family rooms so family members can get some rest while staying near their loved one.    There is a non-denominational chapel for contemplation, prayer, quiet gatherings and celebrations.  There are expert care providers [health practitioners, therapists, a social worker, spiritual care providers and others] who are committed to personalizing and humanizing the end of life experience.  There is professional nursing care 24 hours a day. Personal support, companionship, bereavement and spiritual support are integrated in a home-like setting.   There is a large corps of volunteers who are committed to the successful operation of the hospice and who assist with individual care, raising awareness, advocating for support, raising capital and operational funds and who oversee the construction and operation of the hospice.   The opportunity to come and live at Rose Garden is not based on financial ability.  The Hospice will be built through the generosity of the community and will be dependent on fundraising for the majority of its capital costs and initial operating revenue.   The Hospice will be open to persons resident in the Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority and their immediate family members.   Individuals must be in need of palliative hospice care and in the final hours, days, weeks or months of life"<meta name="keywords" content="Rose Garden Hospice, rosegardenhospice, rose, garden, hospice, Prince Albert, Prince, Albert">This site is dedicated to Rose Daschuck<br><meta name="msvalidate.01" content="F0E15DBEB869BACDB79D2F86F3133BB8"></head><link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="css/Choose Page Style (CSS).css">  This site is dedicated to Rose Dashchuk